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It's Political: Elections, Political Action & Voting

November 2012 Exhibit
The Results of the Vote are In!

Thanks to the great participation from our students, faculty, and staff. We received just over 100 total votes.  89 votes for allowing convicted felons to vote and 12 votes against.  Our student body reflects Utah's stand as one of the more liberal states when it comes to a convicted felon's right to vote.  Read more about it here

It's Political: A Timeline

With inspiring bravery and determination, people of the world have demanded the right to have their voices heard. We record and highlight key events in the journey through the ages to the creation of democracies intertwined with political activism and inequalities in this dynamic visual timeline that captures the intersections of expressing political views within various cultural, political, and artistic contexts.

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It's Political: Cartoons, Media, and Technology

Political cartoons have been a part of American history since the beginning of our country.  Benjamin Franklin’s 1753 “Join or Die” cartoon helped create a sense of unity in early America.  Some instantly recognizable cartoon images from more recent years include Uncle Sam, the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey.  Today, political cartoons compete with TV and the Internet.  Advertisers and publishers also influence opinions.  To the left, political cartoons from the SLCC student newspaper from the 1970s and 1980s are highlighted.

Media and technology have immensely impacted outcomes of elections and political opinions. The inventions of the radio, television, and internet have all been credited with influencing presidential elections.  Younger age groups tend to use social media to discuss the election, share content, and take polls. Many people receive most of their political information online and rarely read a printed newspaper or listen to the radio for information. The online timeline (highlighted above) features pictures, links to websites and YouTube videos demonstrating this influence.

It's Political: Activism & the Right to Vote

​What starting out as marching with large signs lead to political songs and demonstrations.  Since the 2008 election, social media has been credited with impacting elections.  Today anyone can create and share opinions, videos and photos via social media sites.  Check out some of the political activist songs, history of voting in America, voting rights for minorities and women, and landmark political speeches by leaders such as President Lyndon B. Johnson.

It's Political: Physical Exhibit

The physical exhibit displays a conglomeration of various materials from our physical archives, our IR digital collections, and other resources related to elections, political activism, and the right to vote.

Combining political ephemera, articles regarding current events, an interactive "voting poll" and a rotating audio-visual display of well-known political activist songs as well as oral visual histories, the physical exhibit documented here presents a vibrant experience of traversing the multi-faceted complexities of politics in Utah as well as the World.


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